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About reception decor

Your wedding reception décor is all about cohesive aesthetics. You want to create a theme that combines your attire, colors, style, and personality. So, the small touches matter a lot. This takes a bit of planning. Start by considering your wedding venue. A beach, elegant hotel ballroom, or backyard call for different décor and accessories. The season will also influence your décor decisions, especially in terms of color. Don’t go for the latest wedding trend if it isn’t you. There is no right or wrong wedding décor; there is simply an aesthetic style that is you. Your own home can provide you with an excellent guide. Look around. Are you romantic, country, elegant, or Boho? Opt for a reception décor that shows off the real you. Our store has the perfect choices in table runners, vases, candles, linens, champagne flutes, and cake cutters to help you translate your wedding style into reality. Decide on a few basic items that you consider a “must,” then choose the other items to complement them in style and color to create a memorable wedding reception look.