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Once upon a time a boy met a girl, they had a fairy tale wedding and lived happy ever after...

This is how the story usually goes. Of course, the story usually fails to mention how the girl and the boy were both working full time, both commuting to grad school in the evenings, and had only two months to plan the wedding due to constant exams plus a tiny budget to pull this all off. Well, at least this is our story.

Who are we?

We are a couple of newlyweds from Seattle, WA who managed to plan their dream wedding in a just a few weeks with a small budget, who managed to get all the dream wedding attributes into the wedding. Our secret was research, research, research and a few tips and tricks we picked up along the way from many of our great friends who either just recently got married or were planning their own weddings. They kept forwarding us a lot of great advice and pointers, and we thought, "Woudn't it be cool if we could just find that somewhere in once place?"

What about this site?

This website is our way to share that knowledge with you. With all the fairness, we're also two ultimate computer geeks who work in a big software company, so our initial intention of a small blog grew into this tiny site, and instead of posting plain spreadsheets of how we approached the research, we added a few neat sorting gadgets.

When we first started to plan our own wedding...

...we really had no idea where to even begin. What does the wedding day look like? We all know there is the ceremony followed by the reception, but how does it all come together? What are all those tasks you need to do, and in which order, to create your dream wedding without spending a fortune? If you are like us and have no idea how to get from A to B, we highly recommed for you to try our Build Your Wedding wizard and build your own wedding start to finish. That's pretty much how we planned our own wedding.

It's easy to get started planning a wedding

On the site, we outlined the big picture and the steps you need to take to plan a successful wedding without any stress. And if you already know exactly what you want, search for some specific items.

If you find any aspect of this site useful or want any more information, let us know what worked for you or what we could add via e-mail: .

Happy building your own wedding, and sincere congratulations from us on getting married!

- E.N. & J.N