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About gloves

Years ago, a wedding without all the ladies wearing gloves would have been unthinkable. These days, wedding gloves are optional, but they certainly add an aura of elegant. Check out our Wedding Store with its large array of exquisite gloves. The length of your wedding gloves should be determined by the length of your sleeve. For short sleeves, opt for longer gloves; for long sleeves, shorter gloves are more appropriate. If your gown is sleeveless, you can use an elaborately decorate long pair of gloves as the perfect stunning accessory. If you are undecided about gloves, consider a beautiful pair of fingerless gloves made out of lace. It allows you to showcase your manicure and ring while still enjoying the elegance of wearing gloves. or the brides who wish to show off their flawless manicures. With fingerless gloves you can rest easy the night before the big day knowing that, while you may have the added air of elegance, you won’t have the added worry of a full glove. If you are opting for a fingerless glove our Lucinda and Belinda gloves will be the perfect choice.