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About aisle runner

The aisle runner serves a multitude of purposes. For an outside wedding, it actually defines the path to the altar. It can also protect the bottom of the wedding dress from smudges. Browse through our selection of aisle runners and see which ones suit your wedding venue the best. Different types of material are more appropriate to different surfaces than others. Also, the a runner can help the bride glide toward the altar, especially during an outdoor wedding. The right aisle runner can color and allure to your venue. Think color and design that enhance your wedding theme. Some aisle runners are made out of carpet material; others are made from a lighter, synthetic fiber. A paper aisle runner is not a good idea as it is likely to tear. You have many options when it comes to aisle runner color and design. Do consider that your guests as well as the bride will be walking on the runner. A nice pattered design will be more forgiving than a light, solid color.