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(301) 931-4580
1600 K Street, NW Suite 550, Washington, DC 20006

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"Party Rental Ltd., originally named Jersey Party Rental, began as a secondary line of business for Oprandy’s Liquor Store in Englewood, NJ. Oprandy’s rented tables, chairs and glasses as a service to their customers who were picking up beer, wine and liquor for their home parties.

In April of 1972, The Halperins expanded their rental business into a 6-car garage that was located behind Oprandy's store. Their original inventory consisted of 100 wooden chairs, 1 style of china, 50 tables and a few assorted odds and ends.

In just over a year they outgrew the 6-car garage and moved to a 10,000 sq.ft. facility on 40 West Street in Englewood, NJ. In August 2006 Party Rental relocated to a 350,000 sq.ft. corporate headquarters and warehouse in Teterboro, NJ where they currently store the hundreds of thousands of individual items that comprise their rental inventory today."

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