When a Pandemic Ruins Your Wedding Plans (Updated for 2024)

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When a Pandemic Ruins Your Wedding Plans

You’ve been planning your wedding day for some time and you couldn’t be more excited. Then, BAM. Everything has changed due to the Covid19, or Coronavirus.

Accept that this is extremely disappointing, but you will come through it and still enjoy the wedding day of your dreams.

No one is doing any business. Wedding vendors and wedding professionals such as wedding photographers, wedding officiants, wedding videographers, and wedding planners will be unable to offer their services. And good luck getting a wedding cake or hiring a wedding band.

Accept that this is extremely disappointing, but you will come through it and still enjoy the wedding day of your dreams.The world is undergoing a crisis, and your special day is in the midst of it. How to handle a pandemic wedding? The crisis is serious but take a deep breath.

The Covid-19 won’t last forever. Here are some steps to planning your wedding you can take in the meantime.

  • Join the Live Streaming Rage

    At a time when social distancing is the norm, consider live streaming your wedding to beloved friends and relatives. Everyone can self-isolate while being a part of your special day. Zoom is a popular app for livestreaming, and there are other options, as well.

  • Contact Your Vendors

    Your wedding vendors are unable to do business and earn money, so they are worried, as well. Call them as soon as possible, as all other future brides will be doing the same. Arrange for new dates for later in the year. Your vendor will be eager to get back into business, so they will do everything possible to help you. If they are unavailable at a future date, check out this great selection of wedding vendors.

  • Consider a Private Ceremony

    Your actual legal wedding may need to be postponed, but a commitment ceremony will help you feel like a “couple.” It will signify the beginning of your life together. Have your own celebration as a couple. Write your own vows. Simply make the day special with a special wedding reception and serve each other caviar. You can even wear a special outfit. Don’t worry about the wedding which is now in the future. If your original wedding plans involved an outdoor wedding, have a commitment ceremony outdoors, if your area permits. Here are the top rated wedding photographers for you to choose from:

  • Have a Mini Wedding

    All you need is a wedding officiant who will keep his or her six feet social distance. Any friend or family member can take on this role. Here are the top wedding wedding officiants we recommend and arrange to get married on SKYPE or Zoom:

    Afterward, enjoy the possibilities of several days of social isolation.

  • Just Say No

    Canceling your wedding plans is a last resort, but it may be necessary. Perhaps you can’t imagine getting married without a favorite sister or grandparent who needs to fly in for the special day, and you can’t reschedule without a firm date from them. You’ll definitely regret getting married without your special person in attendance, so canceling and starting over when that is possible to do so is likely your best solution.