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How to plan your wedding during the Coronavirus pandemic (Updated for 2020)

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You’ve spent months planning your wedding day - until the coronavirus changed everything. Your wedding vendors and wedding professionals, such as professional photographers, wedding officiants, wedding reception venues are unavailable. Social distancing is the new normal.

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It’s okay to be disappointed. But now it’s time to don your big girl garters and get to work.

You need to postpone your wedding date but aren’t sure what to do now. The Covid19 has turned planning a wedding into a major headache. It’s okay to be disappointed. But now it’s time to don your big girl garters and get to work. Following are some suggestions on how to still have the wedding of your dreams, but very likely you can have an even more splendid wedding day than originally planned.

Here are the steps to planning a wedding in the post-pandemic era. The average wedding cost has soared over the past few years. However, you may now be in a perfect bargaining position for a more cost effect wedding than you thought possible.

When you and your fiancé discuss postponing your wedding date, consider having a weekday wedding. It may not be the Sunday wedding date of your dreams, but there are a number of logical reasons a weekday wedding will be more stress-free – and the coronavirus has provided you with enough stress. It’s time for relaxation and enjoyment.

Many future brides are in your position. They are canceling their current plans and hoping for the best weekend wedding possible. They are busy scrambling compromising for the best available wedding reception venues, professional photographers, and wedding officiants.

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Let’s not forget the wedding cake and wedding band. Wedding vendors who have had little to no work for months will be inundated by desperate brides for their services. They will be able to charge the highest price possible and drive the average wedding cost through the roof. In this situation, they have all the bargaining power.

This is why you should go the smarter and less-traveled-by road to get the best wedding bargains. While wedding vendors will be booked up for weekends, they will have many open spots during the weekday. This shifts the bargaining power to you.

  • Let your family and friends know about the cancellation (they will be expecting it). Ask for their availability on a wedding date later in the year. This is important because the number of your guest list is likely to change, especially if you go for a weekday wedding. Get those change-of-date emails or cards as soon as possible.
  • Keep in touch with your wedding vendors during the Covid19 crisis so that they don’t forget about you.
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  • All your chosen vendors may not be available on your new wedding date, so be flexible and prepare to choose new ones when necessary.
  • If you need help pulling all the new details together, consider hiring a wedding planner with inside information about reception venues and wedding vendors.
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  • Be more flexible. Remember that you will be competing with many future brides for services and space. Decide on your must-haves and your would-be-nice-to-have. There is a world of difference. If you’ve had your heart set on a reception at a certain hotel, all will not be lost if you shit the venue someplace else. You may also want to consider decorating with different types of flowers than you originally planned if the original blooms are no longer in season. Their price will likely almost double out-of-season. So, be flexible and opt for alternative floras.
  • Be a feisty negotiator. Wedding vendors will be anxious to fill weekday spots. As indicated, that puts you in the power position. Ask for a lower price and for some free add-ons. After months of having no work, they will give your requests or demands serious consideration. They WANT your business.
  • Sellers of wedding bands have been hurting like everyone else. They will probably be open to a good deal when you are purchasing your wedding rings.
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  • If you are planning a destination wedding to some exotic foreign location, consider keeping the site within the country. Airline schedules might still be erratic through the end of the year and beyond.

The COVID19 has undoubtedly played havoc with your wedding plans. But with the right moves, you can have an improved version of your original plans later in the year.