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In business since 1995

Experience our unrelenting desire to create weddings with a unique sense of style and artistic imagery. When you play with your friends we capture the most relaxed, genuine expressions; truly seeing you at your very best! There are so many things to consider when choosing a photographer for your special day: The vibe, verve and 'joie de vivre' of Studio 6 is well known and will rub off on everyone around you. Each album is a custom-designed piece that will stand the test of time as your very first family heirloom. Concierge-style service and attention to your unique needs means calls and emails are returned promptly. Orders are fulfilled on time. Great wedding images move you, stirring up all sorts of wonderful emotions and memories. The value of our service compared to other studios is a personal determination you must make. If you look at our work and feel as though you can step inside the scene, as though you were right there by our side when we snapped the shutter, well, that may compel you to work with us rather than someone who just "takes pictures". We create an entire wedding-day experience, and back it up with first-class, custom designer albums, nifty Photoshop enhancements, amazing black and white imagery, dedicated, responsive client service, and all-inclusive packaging. Every wedding has some real "wow" moments, and we can't wait to discover yours! We're not afraid to list our pricing on our site; we're proud of it. You've heard it before: In the end, all that's left are your photos, the rings, and a stack of dishes in the sink. Consider everything and then evaluate price.

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