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Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Noemi Gomez and I’m 29 years old. I have been in the creative wedding photos industry doing photo booths for a year now. I take pride in my business, I have never canceled or been late to an event and have always started on time.

What made me get into this business is the pleasure of getting to help clients make their special day even more special and fun. I have always been in love with love. So the fact that I get to see true love happen between two great people is amazing.

Are all photo booths created equal?

I think all photo booths are different. There are many different unique wedding photos styles with different backgrounds, props, and prices. I offer custom templates, a choice of the different color backdrops I have, a choice of an open or closed photo booth, and props to match the wedding theme.

However, I think the biggest difference is how people run their business with customer service. Customer service is the number one thing that will set you apart from any other photo booth in the best way possible. I always stay in communication and respond back to any questions within an hour. I always make sure to give an outline of my day - what time I will set up, what props I will bring, I also will make sure to send everything a few days beforehand to make sure the couple is happy and approves everything (no surprises).

That way on their busy wedding day they can just have fun, knowing they don’t have to worry that I have it all under control.

“Ask anything and everything they want to know about a photo booth from a photo booth owner.”

What are the most common questions asked by the couples?

The most common questions asked is always about final price & availability date. And then from there, they want to know what service is included in the package, and can the templates be customized to have their name on it? (Yes and even to the theme and color they want.)

Tips for couples interested in getting a photo booth for their wedding photos?

I think the couple should be sure to set aside a budget for a photo booth with their wedding planner from the start. Ask anything and everything they want to know about a photo booth from a photo booth owner. Always ask if wedding photos prints are unlimited, do they provide their own insurance. Also, ask for pictures of the photo booth to make sure it’s a style that would fit your wedding style/theme.

“A typical budget for a photo booth for a wedding should be $400-$1000 dollars.”

What does your day at the wedding itself look like typically?

My day starts with me showing up to the venue an hour & half early. Talking with the person in charge to make sure I set up in the correct spot. I then start to set up my photo booth and prop table. I make sure to do a test shot to make sure everything is working correctly to start on time.

Afterwards, throughout the event I make sure to help the guests with picking props and give them wedding pictures ideas. 20 minutes before shutting down I make sure to let the party planner/DJ - someone in charge know there are 20 minutes left. Lastly, I make sure to find the bride & groom to take their must have wedding photos in the photo booth (since it’s easy to get caught up in having fun and forget). Then I pack up and make sure to give the USB with the wedding photo gallery to the couple for their memories.

What's the typical budget that the bride should set aside for these services?

A typical budget for a photo booth for a wedding should be $400-$1000 dollars. Price depends on what company you go with, how many hours you want the photo booth for, do you want the booth open or closed. To make it cheaper just keep it simple and do no adds on.

At the end of the day if you can get unlimited wedding photos strips and props that’s all you need. I think if you budget correctly a photo booth should always be an option, its great fun entertainment to have at a wedding and it makes for great memories to last forever.

“The most popular props are always the Crown and Tiara. They’re fun and classy. Who doesn’t want to be a King and Queen?”

Any funny stories you could share with us?

One time the bride liked me so much that she wanted to meet in person to give me a deposit usually that’s done over apps now a day, but the client always comes first. So I met her and she told me she wanted to buy me something to eat, I told her that I’m good because I just ate and she still brought me food. She gave me her home address and told me I could come over whenever to talk business since she is in the entertainment business as well.

The day of wedding her family wanted me to eat, drink and dance with them. I did not drink but I did eat and dance a little with the bride. It’s all about having fun and making sure everyone is happy. The bride comes first always. The friendliest person I’ve ever met in my life.

What are some of the most popular props guests use for the wedding photos?

The most popular props are always the Crown and Tiara. There fun and classy. Who doesn’t want to have wedding photos like King and Queen? And if the couple wants I will always throw in some silly eye mask like Wonder Woman and Batman which is always a catch, bringing out the child in everyone.

“Just make sure communication is open both ways.”

If you could ask one thing of the grooms and brides that would make your job at their wedding easier, what would it be?

Just to make sure communication is open both ways. So if any changes are made last minute just let me know so I can make sure to adapt easily, to make their wedding photos the best I can.

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