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Can I Plan A Wedding in Five Days? (Updated for 2020)

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Can I Plan A Wedding in Five Days?

The great news is, you’re getting married. The horrifying news is, you’re getting married in five days. A wedding involves work, frenzy, and planning. How are you going to accomplish it all in less than a week? Some women would rather face a root canal.

Relax. Planning a wedding can be insanity, whether you take a year or five days. You’re just shortening the time period. It’s actually very romantic.

Whatever the reason for your decision, accept that you simply won’t accomplish everything. There’s only so much you can do. But, with the right planning, you will be wed within the week. Perhaps the attached video "How To Realistically Plan A Wedding In 5 Months Or Less" will provide you with ideas to get started.

Now, let’s get to work. Time’s awastin’

Your options will be limited, but getting married between Tuesday and Thursday midweek is your best chance for getting a reservation for a celebratory dinner or brunch.

Day 5

As a rule, creating the guest list for your wedding is your first step toward marital bliss. However, considering the timeframe, you and your fiancé need to start with a visit to the local courthouse for a wedding license. Call ahead for the local requirements, then get the paperwork out of the way.


After leaving the courthouse with wedding license in hand, you and your beloved should stop for a cup of coffee and make a to-do list. It’s too easy to forget something important.

Work on a budget. If either set of parents can help, great. If not, determine what the two of you can afford. Discuss the wedding venues. Your options will be limited, but getting married between Tuesday and Thursday midweek is your best chance for getting a reservation for a celebratory dinner or brunch.

Planning a rehearsal dinner may seem a bit much considering how little time you have. But unless both sides of the family have met, the wedding day could be filled with awkward introductions. Your wedding day will go smoother if everyone can meet at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. Plan on making a reservation at a casual restaurant for that purpose.

There probably isn’t enough time to book a religious facility, but there are still plenty of options, such as a home wedding, a beach, or a beautiful local park.

Decide where you will be married. There probably isn’t enough time to book a religious facility, but there are still plenty of options, such as a home wedding, a beach, or a beautiful local park. Here are some great ideas. Research local laws and requirements.

Out of necessity, your guest list will be limited, especially during a weekday. This will save you money, so it’s a plus. Try to gather as many family members and local friends as you can. Decide on your best man and maid of honor and notify them immediately by phone or email. You might consider eliminating bridesmaids and groomsmen.

There’s a lot to talk about, so we hope you’re getting refills on that coffee.

Day 4


Under the circumstances, you will have to forego formal wedding invitations. Send everyone on your list emails with the date and place, or with as much information that is available. Take the time to set up a wedding website for easy updates. This will save you from having to answer a myriad of questions. If time permits, notify out-of-town friends and relatives, even if they will not be able to attend. They’ll appreciate the gesture.

Your wedding will probably take place at City Hall, followed by a celebratory dinner or brunch. Make the reservations as soon as possible. Many restaurants will be happy to provide a bit of wedding decoration and ambiance. For a weeknight, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a nice wedding venue.

If you get married in a park, make sure you have all local permits.

Even on short notice, you’ll want to look fabulous, so book a salon appointment for you and your maid of honor for the day before the wedding. Don’t do anything drastic. Get your hair trimmed for a simple style that will be easy to manage on your wedding day.

Another luxury you can easily dispense with is a wedding limousines. Designate a family member to drive you to where you need to go.

Every wedding needs an wedding officiant, unless you go to City Hall route, where a judge does the honors. Professional officiants are likely booked in advance, so call on one of your friends to become a wedding officiant online. It’s easy, quick, and inexpensive. And you’ll be providing someone with an entirely new profession!

If you’re having a simple dinner to celebrate your wedding, arrange for a private room that will allow music and dancing. You want to keep your guests energized. Research wedding DJs. Since you’re getting married mid-week, you have a good chance of finding someone available. If not, consider having everyone go to a nice dance club following the reception.

Day 3


It’s time to go shopping. You and your fiancé will be visiting wedding jewelers for a wedding ring. The groom and his best man will do fine in dark suits. You and your maid of honor will need dresses. Shop for simple, flowing gowns, but nothing elaborates. If you are getting married at home, a few simple wedding decorations will do. Wedding flowers shouldn’t be high on your list of priorities. No one will miss them, anyway. A single Cala lily or rose for you and your maid of honor will be lovely.

Professional photographers will probably be booked, but you might find someone for a weekday. If not, tap one of your friends who is handy with a camera or try a photography school that might recommend a promising amateur. You should also provide disposable cameras for all the guests (there won’t be that many) and have them take spontaneous pictures of the day.

Wedding photos will be important because of the number of family members and friends who won’t be able to attend. It would be a lovely gesture to send them a nice photo album after the wedding.

Visit your local bakery or market for a simple wedding cake. Don’t forget to pick up the disposable cameras for your guests.

Day 2

You’re almost there. Confirm all reservations and any wedding vendor you have hired.

Update your wedding site with directions.

You and your maid of honor get to spend time at the salon for hair and manicures. Pick up your single wedding flowers and wedding cake on the way home and refrigerate overnight.

It’s time for your rehearsal dinner. This can be at a restaurant or a bar-b-que at your home. It should be after work, around 7:00 p.m. Once all introductions have been made, you can actually relax after a hectic few days. Traditionally, the parents of the groom pay for the rehearsal dinner, but that is no longer a given.

Before the end of the evening, make sure everyone knows where to go the next day and how to get there.

Day 1 – D-Day


Congratulations. You’ve planned your wedding in five days!

Your day should start with a good breakfast. Your maid of honor and other female members can help you get dressed and made up.

If you were able to hire a photographer, he or she should be taking pictures of these preparations and then follow you to the wedding venue. If you are relying on disposable cameras, assign someone to take pictures while you are dressing and fixing your hair.

Remember to leave the house for your wedding venue.

That’s it. You’ve done it.

When you get back home from your honeymoon, plan on having a huge celebration for everyone, especially those who had to miss your big day.