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Can Disinfectants Damage Wedding Ring? (Updated for 2020)

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Can Disinfectants Damage Wedding Ring?

The current coronavirus outbreak has brought home the danger of germs and viruses. They are everywhere, including your wedding ring. The stones in your wedding ring require regular cleaning by soaking them in soapy water. A plain band can benefit from a light rub with a lint-free cloth.

The situation becomes a bit more interesting with the current Coronavirus. You can plan most of your wedding from the comforts of your home while shopping online, including finding the best wedding bands available online. Thanks to modern technology, you can plan a pandemic wedding safely and without worries. Once you’ve decided on the wedding ring, however, how do you keep it from harm and any lingering effects of the Covid-19?

The coronavirus can survive on non-porous surfaces for several days. Fortunately, keeping your new ring clean is not all that difficult.

Keeping Your New Wedding Ring Disinfected

Just swirl your ruby or sapphire in a glass of gin and allow it to soak for an hour or so – swirled, not shaken or stirred!

Wedding bands with diamonds can be cleaned using a bit of cotton soaked with isopropyl alcohol. Follow this up by dipping the diamond in a bit of vodka (vodka is a remarkable germ-killer). Just make sure your ring is made of solid gold or platinum. Gin is another effective disinfectant. Just swirl your ruby or sapphire in a glass of gin and allow it to soak for an hour or so – swirled, not shaken or stirred. You can also place your diamond wedding ring in a tea strainer and put it in the dishwasher. Do ensure that your wedding ring is not exposed to bleach or other harsh disinfectants, which can cause serious harm.

As you can see from the above, disinfecting your wedding can be easily accomplished by soaking it in a germ-killing disinfectant such as alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. Don’t rub any disinfectant directly onto the stone.

Keeping your wedding ring disinfected is important during COVID-19 and beyond. But you need not go overboard and immerse it in a martini every day. Once a week is sufficient to keep most germs and viruses at bay. Just remain responsible and protect your diamond ring against contaminants on a regular basis.

Your Wedding Ring and Hand Sanitizers


During this period of coronavirus and even afterward, you are undoubtedly using hand sanitizers more often – possibly several times throughout the entire day. Many women have sanitizers by the sink and in their purse as extra protection against germs. While you are protecting your hands, however, you may be harming your wedding ring.

Too-frequent contact with antibacterial cleaners and hand sanitizers can cause precious metals and gemstones to lose their shine. While the use of hand sanitizers on your hands is a wise precaution, it is best to remove your jewelry while you are using any such products and wait for your hands to dry before putting the ring back on. This avoids getting the hand sanitizer directly onto the ring.

These very simple steps will keep your wedding ring disinfected and germ-free for as long as you wear it.