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Seattle wedding community, including wedding services providers, brides and engaged couples, discuss latest bridal fashion, share tips and tricks, and help out each other with wedding planning questions here.

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Ivy  |  May 30 '17 at 04:17 PM
Thanks. I am excited to use some for my wedding this June.

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Ruth Bryan  |  Feb 22 '17 at 11:04 PM
Very useful article shared! One of the biggest trends in weddings recently has been to serve favorite comfort and healthy foods instead of fancy fare. This is a trend that most guests really enjoy and so do the newlyweds. One of my friend who recently got married give her wedding a personal touch by looking after the food. She has referred a food guide (https://www.cellublue.com/fr/product/fit-food-guide/) for deciding the food menu.

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Ruth Bryan  |  Feb 21 '17 at 02:57 AM
Thanks for the informative piece.

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Ruth Bryan  |  Feb 21 '17 at 02:55 AM
Thanks for sharing such an informative piece.

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Helen Lorenzo  |  Feb 17 '17 at 03:13 AM
A great post shared! Yes, I too agree that a wedding or reception venue must be selected first. Having the venue booked in advance will ensure that you have the date of your wedding set in stone. And also finding the right venue for a wedding can take up quite a bit of your time. Many things need to be considered before selecting a venue like cost, location, ambiance, capacity, etc. Therefore, one should choose a venue in advance so that the wedding preparation is done systematically. Have a peek at http://theaddisonofbocaraton.com/weddings-overview/ for more details about wedding planning.

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Helen Lorenzo  |  Feb 17 '17 at 03:12 AM
Very informative post!

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gagar  |  Jan 06 '17 at 11:56 PM
http://www.weddingventure.com/talk/1-2-wedding-arches-and-arbors garga raegareg reagaerg aerg

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Evolzation  |  Nov 14 '16 at 07:03 AM
When it comes to the wedding tie I know my dad had to tie mine quickly lol. Very helpful guide. I agree that the solid color tie is best and people should just keep it as simple as possible especially for a wedding. They can also have a look at this website for tips <a href="www.tuxrentalcost.com">

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Question Topic: Wedding venue ideas
Hi everyone, I m looking for for some ideas on wedding venues. Hope you can give me some suggestions.
My fiancé and I are looking to host a small reception for 50 guest in spring 2017. Most of our guests will be flying in, so we are hoping to having in a venue that's easy to access (preferably within City of Seattle). Also we prefer if it has elements that's unique to Seattle.
Our budget is around 10-15k. I know it will probably be tight, but we're not looking for anything over the top, just a nice event for our family and friends to join us in celebration.
We really appreciate your suggestions and tips if you got any. Best of luck to everyone out there planning for their joyous occasions!

Posted by: Pinkbear
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DianeStewart  |  Oct 14 '16 at 11:01 PM
Since you are on a fixed budget I would suggest that you do most of the decoration by yourself. You can add DIY favors and gifts with the help of your friends. For decoration you can go for white theme and get some white carnations instead of expensive ones, you can even have do a pot luck lunch where each family member can contribute one dish for your wedding lunch, in this way you can have both a memorable as well as beautiful wedding at your budget, just like my sister who did the entire planning and decoration herself when she got married at one of wedding venues of south Florida ( http://theaddisonofbocaraton.com/weddings-overview ) last month.

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Question Topic: Open House for New Roof Top Venue in Seattle
Wednesday, June 29, 2016
4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Roof Top 524
524 Second Avenue (Roof Top)
Seattle, WA 98104
Bring your colleagues and friends to our Open House to check out our great new roof top space that can be used for all types of private events. Exclusive catering companies will be on site to preview their delicious food. A hosted bar will be available.

If you have any questions, please contact emily@tokitabethune.com.

Parking Garage Options:

Butler Garage- 114 James St

Subterranean Lot- 116 James St

Central Parking- 721 1st Ave

Please RSVP and we look forward to seeing you at the event!

Hosted by Roof Top 524 & TokitaBethune Events

Share invitation with a friend

Posted by: TBI Events
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