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Wedding makeup options to consider

Even if you do not usually wear makeup, you will definitely want to have it on for your wedding day. Makeup will smooth out your skin, underline your best features and simply make you look great on the wedding photographs you are paying so much for already :)

Yes, get it even if you do not usually wear any make up. Not that you need it, but the very high resolution cameras will need you to have it. When your face is going to be recorded in "RAW" file formats at extreme resolutions, under all the light and the reflections from your dress and bouquet won't let you look as good as usually. The colors at the wedding as simply very different from what you are used to.

As far as the makeup goes, below are some of the most common options we at see most brides consider. No matter which option you choose, make sure to schedule a "trial" appointment with your makeup artist well before the wedding day. This way, if something goes wrong (say, you at all don't like the job the make-up artist did), you still have time to find an alternative.

  1. Mobile makeup artist.

    These are generally freelance makeup artists that will come to you the day of your wedding. While definitely the most convenient (no need to travel anywhere or wait in line for your appointment), this option is probably most expensive (will usually start at around $100-$150). On the other hand, because mobile makeup artists are essentially their own private businesses, you have a lot of room to negotiate (as an alternative, you can always go to the local beauty shop).

  2. Local beauty salon.

    This is probably the most popular option to these days. The prices depend on the salon, but you can expect to pay $50-$100 on average (trial appointments will likely cost a less).

  3. Department stores.

    Many large department stores (Macy's, Nordstrom, etc.) have a cosmetics section with a number of cosmetics counters selling famous brands such as Chanel, Clinique, etc. You can make an appointment and get your makeup done "for free" (you are usually expected to buy something following the makeup session) at any of these counters. If you opt for this option, you can get your "trial run" session for free, and if you like the result, immediately schedule an appointment for the morning of your big day.

    After coming back from your trial run, take note of how the makeup is holding up. Take a few pictures and ask your friends/relatives for their opinion. Try eating/drinking/kissing with the makeup on. The only thing you should expect to come off is the lipstick (which we at recommend buying from that cosmetics counter after the makeup artist does their work on your wedding day). If you don't like to result, don't be shy about trying another counter.

  4. Do it yourself

    Or, if you artistically challenged, ask a friend or a relative to do it for you. This option is self-explanatory. As the cheapest (provided you have all the necessary supplies already), it could be a good option if you are on a tight budget. This can also become your backup option in case something goes wrong with you original plan (you makeup artist does not show up, your local beauty salon artist does a horrible job, etc.). Works for many - just remember, your make-up this time should be significantly better than usually; otherwise, you won't look any more special than usually.

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