Selecting an Aisle Runner for a Wedding Ceremony

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If you decide to rent or buy an isle runner, here are some things to consider before purchasing:

Aisle runner color.

The color of your aisle runner should fit within your chosen color palette (i.e. the color of your flowers, bridesmaids' dresses and other decorations at your ceremony site). This is why the most popular color for a wedding aisle runner is white - no matter what your theme color is (red, brown, purple, or otherwise), white will always work well with any color palette.

A thought of a moment from on the other hand, do you really need an aisle runner? They are white and will look dirty the moment the wedding party will enter - on your way out, you will already be walking on "a dirty tablecloth".

Aisle runner material.

Double-check what your aisle runner is made of. Some of the popular materials include fabric, plastic, vinyl, polyethylene, paper, etc. Out of all of these, we at definitely recommends fabric. While fabric aisle runners are generally a bit more expensive than the other types, they are also more elegant (some of the plastic ones out there look outright cheap), less slippery (an important consideration for the bride making her big entrance) and generally sturdier (sturdier also means the aisle runner will stay in place as you walk on it) than the other kinds.

No matter which material you choose, we would still recommend you get pins or staples to hold the aisle runner in place (especially if you have your ceremony in the windy outdoors). This will avoid the embarrassing situation (which we've witnessed firsthand before!) where the aisle runner gets stuck to the bride's shoe and starts dragging behind her like a roll of toilet paper.

Aisle runner pattern.

Aisle runners generally come in solid colors or patterns. It is, of course, a matter of taste which one you would prefer for your wedding. One thing to note, however, is that solid colors do generally look better on photographs and do not distract the viewers from the newlyweds.

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