How to interview a wedding photographer

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What you need to know about your wedding photographer

Besides negotiating the price of photography (which is the last part of the photographer interview and which we cover extensively in our How To Negotiate With Wedding Vendors article), there are a few other important questions to ask the photographer in order to:

  • ensure that you are getting a qualified, experienced professional, and
  • ensure you get the best pictures possible out of the experience.

Your wedding photographer's portfolio

First and foremost, ask the photographer for their portfolio. The portfolio should include pictures from previous weddings and should represent the entire breadth of styles the photographer is familiar with. Even today, despite the digital age surrounding us, many photographers who are truly artists still bring real printed "portfolios" with them. Other photographers will just send you to their website. Those are probably not artists of their craft.

When reviewing portfolios, keep in mind that the pictures the photographer shows to you are probably his or hers best work (that's why they are in the portfolio). So if you are not absolutely and immediately impressed and overwhelmed by them, chances are you won't love your wedding pictures either. Keep looking.

Have the photographer draw you a future shot - verbally

Describe your ceremony or reception site to the photographer and ask them what kind of photographs they will be able to make in that setting and in that vicinity. A great photographer will be able to describe the photographs such that you could almost "see" the shots before they are even made.

For instance, if your ceremony is taking place outdoors and has ocean view, a great photographer will be able to describe to you the complete picture of how he will position you in the picture (how the two of you will be standing, holding each other, etc.) and what the background will look like (sun, ocean, trees, etc.) You should fall in love with your photos even before they are made. advice: ask if the photographer has any photos that they've done before that would look like that.

Wedding photo session location scouting

Another important thing to ask is which "photo session" locations to scout in the area beforehand. That is, right after the ceremony and before the reception (during the "cocktail" hour), it's typical for the couple to "disappear" and do a quick photo session somewhere nearby where the photographer will take pictures of just the two of them (or perhaps the two of them, close family members and the bridal party).

The photographer you are hiring may not know the exact location very well, but he or she can tell you what kind of locations will make for the best compositions and best pictures. For instance, the photographer may suggest to look for a big brick wall (these work well for group pictures), for an old dirty building (provides great contrast between old wall and your new crisp white wedding dress), etc.

In short, the more experienced the photographer is, the more location suggestions he can give you and the better prepared you will be. Hey, some couples here at paid for private access to small farms, private waterfronts or even historic buildings just for a couple of hours - just to be able to do a photoshoot there.