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Wedding centerpieces are traditional decorations for the dining tables at your reception. Most often centerpieces are large vases with flowers. You could arrange for these with your reception venue, your florist (provided this is where you are getting the rest of your flowers), or create your own centerpieces and either have your wedding helpers deliver these to the reception site in the morning or arrange for your catering to place these on all the tables when your caterer is setting up for the reception.

To create your own centerpieces, you will need to rent / borrow vases (here is an example of an affordable flower vase that we recommend) and buy a large number of flowers at your local mall / market / grocery store a day or two before the wedding (depending on the quantities needed, you may actually need to order these in advance). We at already wrote about how to select flowers for your wedding.

As an alternative to flower bouquets in the middle of each table, you could choose a more luxurious option: put smaller flower holders with a single flower in front of each guest's seating. This would create a more personal touch, but can be much more expensive (you would need to get a small vase for each of your guests). In addition, some of the guests will be tempted to take their personalized flower with the vase home (so if you are renting the personalized vases, you are unlikely to be able to return all of them to the rental company).

These flower tubes are very elegant, but we say they are ridiculously expensive - if you are indeed seriously considering this option, consider getting them for each member of the wedding party only, as a special token of appreciation, and not for all guests.

Finally, of you are on a very tight budget, another idea is to use helium-filled balloons as centerpieces instead of vases with flowers. All you need is a disposable helium tank and a few packages of balloons (get balloon separately - you probably would want to have gentle purple or white balloons to create the wedding mood), tie downs and weights in your wedding colors. You can then position 3-5 balloons in the middle of each dining table.

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