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Wedding Arbor

Buy a custom-built ArborTech™ wedding arbor

ArborTech™ is custom-built line of arches and arbors. With production facilities located in Greater Seattle and Washington DC areas, we build and ship custom, high-quality wedding arbors worldwide. If you have any special requests before placing an order, do not hesitate to contact our sales at <span style='display:inline;'><script type='text/javascript'> placeAddress('arbor-sales', 'weddingventure', 'com') </script></span> .

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1 Choose wood type:
  • Cedar arbor


    Most popular type of material. Durable and most beautiful. Easy to decorate.

  • Bamboo arbor


    Lighter and more portable. Appropriate for open, windy landscapes.

2 Choose shape:
  • Wedding arch arbor

    Wedding arch

    Curved arch top adds extra elegance to your photographic backdrop.

  • 4 posts arbor

    4 posts

    Posts only for a light, spacious feeling. Works great in sunny locations.

3 Choose color:
What's the difference between stained and solid (painted)?
  • Finished wood arbor

    Finished wood

    Most popular. Shows the natural woodgrain. [[Select tint | light | medium | dark]]

  • Solid white arbor

    Solid white

    Classic option, works great both indoors and outdoors.

  • Custom color arbor

    Custom color

    Hand-painted into a solid color. Matches well the colors of your wedding. [[Select color | aquamarine | wedding purple | creme]]

4 Custom dimensions:
How are these dimensions measured?
  • Standard arbor


    Typical product dimensions: 7ft (height) x 1.5 ft (depth) x 4 ft (width)

  • Custom size arbor

    Custom size

    COMING SOON. Soon, you will be able to specify custom dimensions: [height] [width] [depth]

5 Pattern for the sides:
  • Lattice pattern arbor

    Lattice pattern

    Dialonally oriented planks create cover and comfort for the bride and groom.

  • Minimal sides arbor

    Minimal sides

    No solid sides - best for windy areas. Provides more space to the cerermony minister.

  • Square pattern arbor

    Square pattern

    Horizontal and vertical planks make up square pattern on the sides. Correct spacing applied for your size of arbor.

6 Add optional decoration packages:

You can also add any of these pre-built decoration options - or skip and decorate yourself. The following popular ArborTech™ decoration packages are available:

Arbor veils and tulle

Arbor veils and tulle

Light and semi-transparent fabric. Increased wind and tear resistance.



Excellent for indoor or evening receptions. Standard cord length of 10 ft.

Accent veiling and ribbons for wedding arbor

Accent veiling and ribbons for wedding arbor

Select accent color for your wedding: [ color ]

White flowers for arbor

White flowers for arbor

Artificial white flowers, water-resistant, won't dry out during the special day.

ArborTech™ arbors at a glance

Highest quality wood
Highest quality materials
Built in the U.S. with the highest grades of sustainably grown US and Canadian cedars.
Arbor connection to ground
Includes mounting hardware
Mount to the ground. Can withstand winds up to 50 mph when anchored properly with supplied hardware.

Wedding gazebo is easy to decorate
Easy to decorate
Buy standard decoration packages or decorate yourself. Can be sold unfinished to give you freedom to make design decisions in the last minute.
Ships free with UPS Ground
Ships free with UPS Ground
Shipping included on all custom-built arbor purchases at no extra cost.

Work well indoor and outdoor
Designed for indoor and outdoor
Outstanding look both indoor and outdoor.
Look great on photos
Look great on the photos
Arbors will be in most photos from your ceremony - wooden arbors look great in photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the arbors require assembly?

Yes, our arbors ship disassembled, and basic assembly is required. All materials and hardware are included, and only final assembly at the wedding site will be required. Two people are recommended. The entire process typically takes half an hour.
How heavy are these arbors?

Our luxury wooden arbors are designed to be transported to the wedding location in a vehicle. Lighter options are available for destination weddings. Bamboo arbors are typically lighter than wood/cedar ones. Get a metal or a vinyl arbor if weight is the primary factor.

Industrial arbors

We custom-build insdustrial-level arbors for fixed-location wedding reception halls. These are available in outdoor and indoor options, with fir or cedar as the core materials. Options include painted and stained, with 4, 6, and 10 year satisfaction guarantees. Seasonal fall sales may qualify for 20% off discounts. Professional installation options may be available in your area. Contact commercial sales for more information at commercial-arbors at

Rent wedding arbor

Multiple arbor options are available for rent in the greater Seattle, WA area.
Send inquiries to <span style='display:inline;'><script type='text/javascript'> placeAddress('arbors', 'weddingventure', 'com') </script></span> .

Portable Arbors for Destination Weddings

Destination weddings arbors are built to be portable and are packaged lightly for transportation, and all hardware and basic tools required for assembly are included. We have several models available for destination weddings:

  • Sand - saltwater: include extra hardware for mounting in dry or wet sand
  • Outdoor or mountain views: includes extra mounting anchors for high wind situations
  • Indooor ceremonies: packaged lightly for transportation in air luggage

Request a quote via <span style='display:inline;'><script type='text/javascript'> placeAddress('arbors', 'weddingventure', 'com') </script></span>